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I’ve started a new blog on Blogger and it’s all about SEO and what do I preach constantly on there? Post, post, post. And what have I done here? Forgotten about my poor little WP blog and let it gather dust. I’ve been making sure my clients all have current posts, but my own original blog has all but died.

What can I learn from this? Practice what I preach and get off my duff and start to post on  here more often. Sheesh…how can I expect to get new clients if I can’t even do this for myself.


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My computer has been off to be repaired for a few weeks. Now I have it back and it is working great, but all of my files are gone. No sample articles are left, no more resume, no bookmarks for the net that I’ve spent months collecting…gone…poof!

One of my friends asked me if I had everything backed up offline…well, no. Now I will though. So a word to the wise, back up everything!

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Well my great job is no more. The owner had to cut expenses and I was one of them. Am I upset? Well sure but I learned alot and the owner did pay me while he could and was a good guy to work for. So now it is time to move on. I’ve kept my toe in the waters so to speak and still have some other clients so I’ll get by.

One thing I knew going into this is that you can be on top one day and out the next. There were signs that things were going south so it wasn’t a big surprise. So a word to the wise, don’t get too comfortable, situations change quickly and on the internet they change at the speed of light. Have a backup plan and don’t put your faith or time into just one client.

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Did you do NaNoWriMo? I did and I didn’t get to the goal of 50,000 words. Not even close. But I did gain some insight on the creative process. Some nights I got in the groove and was really sailing along. Sparkling dialouge, wonderful syntax, excellent descriptions-it was all good. Other nights it was like trying to squeeze an elephant through a keyhole. Nothing sounded good and I had to really fight the urge to edit as I was writing. My mantra was, “just write, just write”. Now I do have a fairly cohesive story that I could take futher and make something of. Isn’t that the whole reason we put ourselves through a month of stress and fun?

Anne Wayman pointed us to a very good article on Men With Pens about NaNoWriMo. It’s titled, Did You Reach Your NaNoWriMo Goal? Like Anne, it did make me feel better about my effort. Now I’m off to continue my saga and do some very needed edits.


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I write web content articles for Demand Studios. They are published on eHow.com. So far I’ve had good luck getting them accepted. Five of them have been published. Tonight I had to edit one that had been sent back for rewriting. After spending an hour tweeking and checking the article I sent it back to the editor for review. It was rejected. Yep, turned down. Gasp!

Truthfully the reasons they cited for rejecting my article were valid. I had gotten lazy and was in a hurry to complete it and said, studie show, too many times. Now I know that I need to be specific about what the studies were and who conducted them.

So, lesson learned, more articles submitted, and my achin’ pride will just have to heal.

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