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Use Article DirectoriesIn a word, yes. By posting articles on the major directories such as ezine, Squidoo, Blogger and Hub Pages you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. Everyone likes to get something free so why not give away your knowledge? If you are a hairdresser, posting articles about hair care and suggesting different products will give potential clients the impression, rightly so, that you are an expert in hair care. If you are an internet marketer, you may want to post articles telling people how they can increase their sales and market their products and services. These types of articles will not only help people recognize that you know what you’re talking about, but make them interested in what you offer on your website.

Although it is very important to your Search Engine Optimization to have a blog on your site and to post entries regularly, articles posted to directories can drive traffic to your site and help the major search engines recognize your site and index it into their databases. The way these articles help to do this is by backlinks to your site. You can place relevant backlinks to your site so that after people read your informational article, they may want to check out what you have to offer. For instance, the hairdresser who is an expert at hair color will want to place a backlink in her article to the page on her website that covers her hair color services.

Take advantage of the different things you can add to your article. For example, Squidoo has modules that you can use. These modules include videos, a guestbook, Amazon links to related products and many more that can make your article interactive and help draw readers. You can embed videos into Hub Pages and Blogger that you have made or that are on YouTube. Always put a comment section or guest book and encourage people to leave comments. One way to do this is to pose a question. Don’t just say “leave a comment” rather ask a question that relates to your article. Using the hairdresser example again, if your article is about hair color you might ask “Have you ever had your hair colored?” or “What do you think of (celebrity’s name) new hair color?”

So do you need to post articles on the major directories? Yes you do. If you don’t want to or have time to do this yourself, you can hire a freelance writer or use an article service. Article services will make sure that your articles are search engine optimized and bookmarked at the major sites such as Digg, Diggio, StumbleUpon, Propellor and Delicious. They will also make sure that the backlinks lead back to the proper page on your website. Don’t be afraid to give your knowledge away, it will come back to in the form of new visitors and clients.


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Well, okay maybe not fame, but I can dream can’t I? A new emag from Australia called Vitality Bulletin has published two of my articles in its premier edition. My pieces are on pages 9-10 and 12-13. On page 3 I’m listed as a Contributing Writer. Cool, huh?

I still get a thrill from seeing my work in print, whether it is online or hard copy. It sounds trite, I know, but we truly are artists. Words are our medium and the internet and print are our canvases. Writing is still fun for me and I hope that I never lose that feeling. Some days it takes all I have to get words down, but once I get done I have a sense of accomplishment. On other days I can write for hours and still be ready to write some more.

Early in my freelance career, which is by confession still very new, I had to learn to let my work go. So much of what I write goes out into the world without my name on it. Web content is pretty much ghost writing and it was hard to know that my work would be claimed by someone else. But I started to look at it as a service that I’m performing. As long as I’m happy with the pay I’ve received for my work, that is what matters.

At first when I was breaking into Freelance writing,  I started with Demand Studios. Yes, I know, you’re thinking Content Mill…but really Demand Studios has high standards. Their editors check your facts and have no patience for plagiarism. Writing for them taught me discipline and the pay is pretty good for the amount of work you have to put into a piece. One of the most important lessons I learned was to use reliable sources. This forced me to find good factual sources for my information and that in turn I believe has made me a better writer.

So, where’s all this going? I have no idea, seems like I was in the mood to wander all of the spectrum this morning. Writers do that ya know…

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