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My computer has been off to be repaired for a few weeks. Now I have it back and it is working great, but all of my files are gone. No sample articles are left, no more resume, no bookmarks for the net that I’ve spent months collecting…gone…poof!

One of my friends asked me if I had everything backed up offline…well, no. Now I will though. So a word to the wise, back up everything!


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Well my great job is no more. The owner had to cut expenses and I was one of them. Am I upset? Well sure but I learned alot and the owner did pay me while he could and was a good guy to work for. So now it is time to move on. I’ve kept my toe in the waters so to speak and still have some other clients so I’ll get by.

One thing I knew going into this is that you can be on top one day and out the next. There were signs that things were going south so it wasn’t a big surprise. So a word to the wise, don’t get too comfortable, situations change quickly and on the internet they change at the speed of light. Have a backup plan and don’t put your faith or time into just one client.

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Recently I’ve become the Managing Editor of a newly formed company.  We manage blogs and provide content for our clients.  One of our main functions is to help sites get more traffic and a higher rank in Google.  It has been  an experience to be on the other side of the submit button.  All of these years of writing and I never really thought I’d be an editor.

In my mind editors always seemed all-knowing and aloof.  They seemed to have the power of life and death over my pieces and for a writer that can be very unsettling.  I have been blessed with some very knowledgeable and patient editors who have helped me grow as a writer.  I have also had the unfortunate experience to have nit picky editors who worried me over every little dot and comma on the page. 

I hope to become the kind of editor that can help a writer create a better piece of work, not the kind who is scary or makes a writer feel nervous about submitting their work.  Yes, I have had to turn down a few pieces, but I try to do it with tact and offer suggestions on how to make the piece better.  After all, I do still know what it is like to have to face criticism no matter how constructive it can be.

So, here I am, on the other side of the page. I kind of like it. It has brought new challenges and as I edit others work it has helped me be a better writer, too.

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My NaNo Badge

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I have to write a blog post to audition for a writing job. It will be on a subject I know nothing about. So do I get all technical and try to sound like I know all about it or do I be honest and give it a laymen’s perspective? Should I try to be something I’m not and then get hired and they find out the truth? I’ve given it alot of thought and I’ve decided to go with my gut. It says to write it truthfully. Like a laymen trying to explain it to a friend. Then it will be an honest effort on my part and hopefully that refreshing point of view will be what the editors at the site are looking for.

I’m excited about his new stage in my life. I’ve been writing since I was young, but this is the first time I’ve really branched out and tried to get hired for my writing. Like they say, each journey starts with one small step. So here I go!

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Brave New World

Here I am, a 48 year old mother of two grown children jumping into the blog world. It has been an interesting journey. I’m still not sure what to do or how to do it, but I’ve never been one to just lurk around. I believe in jumping in and getting your feet wet. So, here I am, a blogger. What will I write about? Will I get any readers? Will this blog help me get paying gigs? Time will tell.

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