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I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog. My new job keeps me pretty busy but I’ve got the weekend off so I thought I’d put some thoughts down on “paper”. One thing that I’ve learned is that I have to take care of myself. It is so easy to get wrapped up in a job you love that time seems to pass quickly and before you know it you’ve been sitting at the computer for a few hours. I’ve learned that I need to get up and move around more, stretch, give my eyes a break and eat at regular intervals.

Sleep. Everyone needs it, but few of us get enough. How many nights do writers lie in bed thinking of plots, characters, the next big project, the project that keeps haunting your thoughts and not get the sleep we need to be productive? Too many nights than I want to admit to. Turning your mind off is hard when you’re creative. Some of my best ideas come right before I go asleep. Then I spend the night in my dreams working out the details only to awaken and be blank. That old adage about keeping a notepad and a pen by your bed is fine if you don’t need glasses to see what you’re writing.

So take care of yourself. Get some rest, eat regularly and remember to get up from your computer once in a while. Do these things and you’ll have more energy and be more productive.


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The good thing about being a freelance writer is the ability to take a vacation when you want. I had my best friend that I’ve known since first grade come down to Florida to see me. It was great to spend four days catching up and remembering all the times we had as kids. We’ve known each other for 42 years! Lord, I’m getting old, lol.

Now she’s back on a plane to New Jersey with plans to come back in a few years and I have to catch up on the work I’ve been putting off.

Her visit has revitalized me and I’m ready to write. So, I’m breaking out pencil and paper, I find it easier to re-write by hand first, and get to it.

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Having a great time

My best friend since first grade is here and we are having the best time. I haven’t seen her in over 10 years. We went out to the college library so I could work on some articles and of course I got nothing done. Well, not much anyway. But we had fun.

So my writing has suffered this week, but you have to have some fun once in a while. She’s here until Sunday so then I’ll have to get to it.

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I have been browsing sites that offer freelance writing jobs. I can not believe some of the rates that people want to pay us! Many of them offer $1 for a 500 word article. People actually bid on these! Unbelievable. I’m new to the freelance writing gig, but come on people, surely you value your work more than that? It’s like a writing sweatshop mentality. Sure you can crank out 10-15 articles in a day and make a whopping $15 a day. Woo hoo, now you’re rich.

Get real! You could go to Wally World, make $8 an hour doing unskilled work and still come out way better than you would writing for that rate. Heck, you can flip burgers and make more!

I’m not putting anyone down for working at Wally World, I did it for 4 years. A job is a job. But you should be paid what you are worth. I don’t care if you scoop crap, but a worker deserves to be paid a decent wage.

What can we do? Well, for starters, quit selling yourself short. If you produce quality content, then you should be paid a decent rate. I base my rates on at least $15 for 300 words. That’s still on the low side, but I’m just starting out. As I gain more experience and more clips I expect to raise that rate accordingly.

So, all of you who are selling your hard work for pittance-STOP IT! Make those employers pay you for your time. Not everyone can write so we should not be taken for granted.

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I’ve had two articles published on the eHow.com site. It’s really exciting to see my work online.

The only drawback is that my computer has some problems and I have to go to the local university to research and write. Well, that’s not really a drawback. I do enjoy going out there. My son is attending school there so once in a while he pops into the library to say hi and get his mail.

I might not get rich, but the act of researching and writing is something I really like to do. Hopefully I’ll get some more paying gigs soon. It will be nice to have some money coming in to help out the bills.

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